Should we use the Programming Language for Automation Testing, same as Application development code?

Swaroop Nadella
1 min readNov 10, 2023

Let’s say Development code base for the Web or Mobile Application written using Python programming language.

So if we write the Automation testing code base in Java programming language, will it work?

The Automation testing code can be written in any Programming Language, it doesn’t need to be the same as the Development code base.

Only Unit tests are written in the same Programming language as per the development code, to test units of code written.

Few Important points to note here:

  1. Automation code base is generally maintained as an Separate repository. So it can be same or different programming language as per the Project team’s decision on the Automation testing tools being implemented.
  2. If it is maintained in the same repository, then same programming language would be preferred for smooth deployments.
  3. If we want the development team to support, collaborate, knowledge sharing and more contribution with the Automation test engineers, then same programming language for automation framework would be preferred.

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