Why we need Automation Testing?

Swaroop Nadella
2 min readNov 11, 2023

You might have this question in mind as Software Testers that “Why we need Automation Testing?”.

Even though you do not have this question, where do you use Automation Testing tools in Software projects — this kind of question might get asked in Interviews as well.

Some of the views based on my Experience are below.

  • Repetitive Tasks like Test Data Creation which are required often.
  • Regression Test execution for Every Release to check existing functionality is working as expected.
  • Smoke Tests on every new build (for development code check-in) to check the basic functionality is working fine, before triggering the larger test suite runs.
  • Some projects has End to End pipelines (CI CD) from Code changes to deployment in Production. So Automation Tests increase the confidence of the build stability to deploy in further environments.

100% Automation of the Test suite may not be always possible in every Software project due to various constraints and dependencies in the Business workflows.

So if we have at least a 50% to 70% Automation Regression test suite, the remaining would be tested manually without tools.

Also some level of Exploratory Testing can help to uncover bugs which are not observed with the Automation Test suite which has limited validations built in it.

Swaroop Nadella
Test Automation Engineer

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